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Technologies & Strategic Executions For Growth

  •  Consulting: We consult on applications of Information Systems and Technologies for LAN, WAN and MAN. We analyze, recommend and develop Security Policy and practices for E-Commerce, Voice, Data and Video applications. 

  •  Business Development: We build on our existing contact relationships and our knowledge transfer (training skill) to develop Sales Channels, offer sound proposals and fulfill business objectives and funding needs for our clients  

  •  Marketing and Engineering: We implement market- and technology driven strategies and empower positive changes through value- shared Business Leadership and Applied Information Technologies to achieve optimum Efficiency, Growth and sustainable Profit for our clients in the Product, Service, Government and Supply sectors. 

Investors' and Consumers' Confidence on Businesses

"Because companies' products and services are produced by Investors at one end and bought by consumers at the other end, anything that deprives the confidence to anyone of these groups, will hamper businesses' ability to produce and sell which in turn will cause a domino effect to the economic food chain.  The 9/11 incident is a tragedy to our nation and to the free world, especially in term of emotional loss.  However, it should not be allowed to deprive our confidence on our free enterprise system because we know and have an in-grained confidence on confidence in our value and freedom system."        Albert Ankhoa -  VP - Technology - Infomatek Inc.

Information Technology

The global economic power will tilt its scale to nations and companies that effectively integrate IT into its business operations not only as a cost reduction resource but also as a profit center.   

Shared-Value Leadership

Companies that know how to attract, develop and retain talents by unleashing and empowering human limitless potentials will thrive in the 2000's and beyond.  Talent is borderless and no boundaries could and should constrain them.   Legacy management system will yield to shared-value leadership system.    


The Telecommunication Act of 1996 opens doors to consumer choices while the evolution of IT technologies transforms global economy into a dynamic commerce system of choices based on pricing, values and quality of services.  Partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions are only half of the equation.  Effective execution of short and long term strategies and tactical plans cannot exist in the absence of talent, regulatory knowledge and practice.  Albert Ankhoa - VP - Technology - Infomatek Inc.

The Digital Economy

"As U.S. Industries become information-driven, their  investments in Network resources will double by 2005.   E-commerce will outperform conventional commerce.  Demand for Network and Information specialists will exceed Supply.  Seamless interactions between online and brick and mortar worlds will be the norm.  Businesses will no longer be able to compete effectively without an E-Business platform.  However one thing will remain unchanged, - relationship building".   Albert Ankhoa - 1995 SCCCEA Conference.

Sales and Services

"The border between Sales and Services becomes blur in 2000's.  High consumer expectation creates employments of people with genuine customer care and intimate product knowledge.     Relationship-building sales will no longer be adequate without true performance deliveries and win-win results."  


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Our Mission

To empower sustaining growth to our clients and to foster trust and win-win long term relationships with our business partners, employees and end-users.